Roundtable on US-Philippine Relations

We are delighted to be able to present 4 papers from this year's BAAS Conference, which offer new takes on US-Philippine relations in the 1900-1940 period. 

Introduction to the Roundtable
Bevan Sewell 

William Howard Taft and the Question of Philippines Independence
Adam Burns

Creating an Agricultural Bank for the Philippines
Chris Morrison 

World's Fairs and Republican Foreign Policy Ideology
Kelly McFarland

Revealing an Imperialist Strategic Culture
Matthew Smith



This new feature of Libertas is a forum for the publication of works-in-progress by members of the postgraduate community. We hope that this will allow the authors to not only receive valuable feedback on their work, but also, to make valuable contributions to ongoing debates and discussions. 

Did 9/11 Really Bring About a Revolution in American Foreign Policy?
Matt Tomiak

Political Warfare Old and New: The State and Private Groups in the Formation of the National Endowment for Democracy
Robert Pee - University of Birmingham

Demons From Over the Sea: The Woodrow Wilson - George W. Bush Analogy
Richard Wall - University of Birmingham