15 October, 2008
And The Winner Is:
A Roundtable Discussion about the 2008 Presidential Election


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21 July 2008
Scott Lucas on Radio Five Live

Scott Lucas of Libertas joined host Colin Murray and guests Greg Katz (Associated Press, London) and Simon Woolley (Operation Black Vote) for a discussion of Barack Obama's tour of Europe and the US presidential election. What does it mean for America? And what it does mean for those of us outside the US? You can listen on the BBC website --- the item is just after the 1o'clock news at the start of the programme.



15 June 2008
Scott Lucas on Radio Five Live

Scott Lucas of Libertas squared off with talk show host Charlie Wolf on "The Legacy of George Bush" in a featured item on the Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 5. You can hear the punches being thrown on the BBC website --- the item is just after the 7 o'clock news at the 1:02:00 mark. 




Terror Arrests at Nottingham University: What Next?

The Centre for the Study of Social and Global Justice (Politics) and the Centre for Research on Identities, Citizenship and Migration (Sociology & Social Policy) are holding a round table event on Thursday June 5th, 4-6pm, in Law & Social Science Building, B62. The roundtable seeks to foster debate among staff and students on the important questions arising from the Nottingham arrests under the antiterrorism legislation. It seeks to discuss critically but constructively the Nottingham arrests and their ramifications for academic life and community relations.

 What are the implications of the terrorist arrests for questions of academic freedom and security? What are the implications for a) academics b) students c) non-academic staff d) community relations?  How should academia address potential terrorist threats? What lessons can we learn from the experience and use for addressing any similar problems in the future? How should individual students and staff be supported in similar situations? How should the community relations be addressed in similar situations? What is the meaning of academic and intellectual freedom? Issues of academic freedom and security often tend to treated as counterposed. But should academic freedom and security be treated as counterposed? Does defending academic freedom mean being soft on terrorism?   What role might academic freedom play in combating terrorism? 

It is hoped that other initiatives will follow to address these important questions more fully.   

A panel of speakers will make brief introductory remarks before opening to the floor for discussion and debate.


May 2008

Academic Freedom Protests

Following the arrest of two people at the University of Nottingham in mid-May, which Libertas has commented upon over the last few days, a group of academics from the University will be holding a public protest on May 28, 2008 outside the Hallward Library. More details



Special Colloquium: "War and American Identity"

The "War and American Identity" project, based on a partnership between the University Colleges of Cork, Dublin, and Galway with international partners such as the University of Birmingham, held its first of two conferences in Cork on 24 April. It is hoped that these presentations will launch a discussion interrogating issues of war and identity in the United States, both in historical and contemporary context.

Marilyn Young: "Limited War Unlimited: The U.S. in Korea and Vietnam"
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Robert Brigham: "Reading America in Saigon"
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Scott Reynolds Nelson: "Civil War Provisioning, Branded Foods, and the Agricultural Origins of American Empire"

Michaela Hoenicke-Moore: "The Other Religion: Nationalism and US Foreign Policy from the New Deal to the Cold War"
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Charles Gannon: "The New American Century...Or Not?: Anticipating Tomorrow's Political Realities Through Today's Narrative Imagery"
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Lloyd Gardner: "Iraq as the 'Good War'"

Scott Lucas: "Freedom's Dilemmas: The Illusions of the Unipolar In and Beyond Iraq"
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Libertas at the 2008 British Association for American Studies Conference

31 March

Having been to a number of excellent panels at the Conference, Libertas is hoping to feature some of the best papers for discussion in the next weeks. Keep an eye on this space...

26 March

Libertas staff and contributors will be spending 27-30 March 2008 at the BAAS Conference in Edinburgh, listening to a range of panels on American literature, history, and culture as well as US foreign policy. As an introduction to the conference, we are pleased to feature the following audio guide to Edinburgh and its connections with the United States. Featured "guests" include Arthur Conan Doyle, William Robertson, Walter Scott, Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Carnegie, and Abraham Lincoln.... 

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Summer School

is pleased to support the Summer School of the Clinton Institute of American Studies at University College Dublin, 13-19 July 2008.
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"The Problems of Nation-building in Iraq and Vietnam"
6 February 2008, University of Birmingham

Following Professor Brigham's successful talk on February 6, Libertas is delighted to be able to make the podcast of the lecture available via the link below. "The Problems of Nation-building in Iraq and Vietnam - was the inaugural Libertas lecture and was presented by Prof. Robert Brigham, who this year is the Mary Ball Washington Professor of  American History at University College, Dublin. In 2006, Professor Brigham published the book: Is Iraq Another Vietnam? 

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