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       Hugh Wilford & Giles Scott-Smith
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Libertas is dedicated to engagement with and interrogation of US foreign policy past, present, and future. We seek not only to study US policymaking but to explore its roots within the American culture from which it emanates.

In pursuit of this mission, we do not seek to be "pro-American" or "anti-American" but to examine American interaction with the rest of the global community. We wish to consider not only the production of US foreign policy but also the response to and negotiation of that foreign policy, and the American activities it produces, by other governments, groups, and individuals.
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Enduring America

The Backyard


Enduring America features blogs and podcasts analysing developments in the United States, particularly the latest issues and trends in US foreign policy


The Backyard provides weekly commentary on events in inter-American relations and U.S. foreign policy in the Western Hemisphere.


Can Blog will feature the takes of Canuckistan on Canadian-American relations and other issues connected to Canadian foreign policy. Can Blog will also comment on intelligence issues, particularly as they pertain to the 'war on terror'.

Freedom's Untidy:
Understanding Modern America
Wandren PD Guest Blog

Offering weekly analysis on a range of issues affecting America, 'Freedom's Untidy' will seek to engage with and answer a number of the key questions and contradictions apparent in the modern US of A.

Wandren PD: the blog for alternative approaches to international communication and foreign policy.


Featuring a stellar line-up of contributors who will drop by to offer the unexpected (but much-needed) comment and insight on US politics, culture, and international affairs....

Weekly Analysis


Nicholas Kitchen:

Historical Revisionism
and George Bush


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